Emmanuelle Carnoy

With a wealth of experience of both print and web design, Emmanuelle Carnoy is a versatile graphic and web designer.


Email : emmanuelle@alfoweb.com

Skype : emmanuelle.carnoy

Twitter : @mcarnoy

LinkedIn : emmanuelle carnoy


After completing a degree in advertising at the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels, Emmanuelle trained as a graphic designer at the Cepegra Centre. Her strong background in these two complementary fields led her to pursue a career in the world of product packaging, where she worked for five years. Her experience of print-based design work is behind her fresh and innovative approach to web design and continues to inspire all her creative work.

Her passion for the digital domain urged her to do another course at Cepegra, this time in web design, after which she began working as a freelance web designer. She then joined Alfoweb. Emmanuelle’s creative abilities in graphic, web and print-based design provide the perfect match for Florent Grandjean’s expertise in web development. Thanks to their combined talents, Alfoweb is able to offer its clients a comprehensive range of web design and corporate branding services.

Highly organised and methodical, Emmanuelle considers each step of the process of creating a website in great detail. Before even starting to design the website and come up with the visual branding, she maps out the structure of the site carefully in order to optimise usability, then considers what information should be made available on the homepage. Only once she is happy with this does she start the creative graphic design process. As she explains, “this ensures that the design of the website and its overall structure work well together, thus creating a website that is both enjoyable and intuitive to use.”