Florent Grandjean

An expert in web, mobile and social media development, Florent Grandjean draws upon his knowledge of the business world to ensure that Alfoweb provides its clients with a service that is perfectly tailored to their requirements.


Florent Grandjean


E-mail: florent@alfoweb.com

Skype: florent.grandjean

Twitter: @mrflo

LinkedIn: Florent Grandjean


After completing degrees in computer science and business management, Florent Grandjean embarked on a career in web development straight after leaving university. Within a very short time he was launching his first business venture: a web development company called Alfoweb. Initially, Alfoweb specialised in outsourcing web development and design jobs in Argentina. After working as a freelance consultant on a number of different projects and a stint at the digital agency Emakina, Florent and three associates founded a web development consultancy specialising in social networking. As a passionate Entrepreneur, Florent has also taken part in several ‘Startup Weekends’ and regularly provides assistance to new startups. In 2011, he revitalised Alfoweb, giving it a new focus on web development solutions, social networking, mobile applications and print-based graphic design.

Florent’s core desire to come up with effective solutions lies at the heart of everything he does, and he strives to integrate clients’ wider business strategy into every web development project. In his own words, “web strategy is about going much further than just creating a website or app. For instance, from the start of the design process, we do everything to optimise web indexing to ensure that our clients’ websites are as visible as possible from the moment they launch.”